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Posted on: October 21, 2021

COVID-19 Update | October 21, 2021

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COVID-19: Brookings County

UPDATED: October 21, 2021

The South Dakota Department of Health COVID-19 page is updated weekly and has confirmed:

  • Total Cases: 5,080
  • Recovered Individuals: 4,916
  • Active Cases: 126
  • Spread Category: High

COVID-19: Brookings Epidemiology Bi-Weekly Video

Video Slides UPDATED: October 14, 2021

Ask An Epidemiologist! Have a suggestion for a topic or a question you would like answered? Email us at

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COVID-19: Local, Regional, and National Weekly Summary

UPDATED: October 21, 2021

Weekly Updates:

Brookings County (Highest Level of Spread)

  • 5,072 total cases:  43 new cases this week (high spread) vs. 47 in the previous week.  The 60+ age group had the majority of cases this past week.  Of the new cases this past week:
    • 7% were under 20 years of age (vs. 25% last week)
    • 23% were 20-39 years (vs. 34% last week)
    • 30% were 40-59 years (vs. 30% last week)
    • 40% were 60 years or older (vs. 11% last week)
  • Since September 29th, the largest percentage increase in cases has been in the 0-9 year (7% increase, n=17) age group. However, the largest increase in cases has been in both the 20-29 and 30-39 year age groups (both with n=26).
  • 128 active cases (152 last week)
  • Test positivity (PCR) this past week was 4.0% compared to 4.3% last week – this is good.  Ideally, you want this below 5%, and the lower, the better.  A high percentage indicates there are likely many more cases out there – get 
  • 47% of both Brookings County residents and South Dakota residents are fully vaccinated (total population). 

South Dakota (Highest Level of Spread)

  • 151,554 cases: 2,217 new cases this week vs. 2,342 in the previous week.  Of the new cases this past week:
    • 23% were under 20 years of age (vs. 24% last week)
    • 30% were 20-39 years (vs. 30% last week)
    • 25% were 40-59 years (vs. 24% last week)
    • 22% were 60 years or older (vs. 22% last week)
  • 5,723 active cases (6,089 last week)
  • Test positivity (PCR) dropped slightly this past week but is still high.  This past week it was 12.9% compared to 14.0% the previous week.  Ideally, you want this below 5%, and the lower, the better.  
  • 100 people were admitted to in-state hospitals this week vs. 115 last week.  Of those admitted this past week:  
    • 2% were less than 20 years of age (vs. 3% last week) 
    • 14% were 20-39 years (vs. 17% last week)
    • 21% were 40-59 years (vs. 21% last week)
    • 63% were 60 years of age and older (vs. 58% last week)
  • 200 people currently hospitalized vs. 207 hospitalized last week (53 currently in the ICU vs. 60 last week)
  • 2,205 deaths:  28 deaths reported this week vs. 10 in the previous week.  Of those who died this past week:  
    • 2 were 40-59 years
    • 26 were 60 years of age & older


  • 45.99 million cases:  565,340 new cases this week vs. 649,967 in the previous week
  • 748,652 total deaths:  11,063 deaths this week vs. 12,861 in the previous week


  • 242.4 million cases: 3.01 million cases this week vs. 2.88 million in the previous week
  • 4.93 million deaths: 50,696 deaths this week vs. 50,171 in the previous week 


COVID-19: Weekly Data

UPDATED: October 21, 2021

Source: Bonny Specker, Ph. D., South Dakota State University, Division of Research and Economic Development


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