7th Avenue - 8th Avenue Alley


Project Update

Bowes plans to start on this part of the project around the end of July

Route/Detour Information

During construction, the alley will be closed to traffic until the pavement is replaced.

Project Milestones

Phase 1: Pavement Replacement

STATUS:         Project  Milestone Status CompletedCompleted       Project Milestone Status Not Completed Not Completed
Mill out the existing asphalt to a depth of 4 inches. 

Prep the gravel base course and complete any necessary regrading. 

Repave the bottom and top lift of asphalt. 

Clean up and seed any disturbed areas

Project Overview:

This project entails removing the existing asphalt pavement in the alley and replacing it with an all-new asphalt section. 

Completion Date:

End of October 2022. 

Contract Amount


Contractor Name

Bowes Construction

Contractor Contact Information

Cole Schneider, Project Manager 


City Contact Information

Charlie Richter, City Engineer