7th Street & 11th Avenue Intersection Sidewalk Ramp Upgrades 

Ramp 2

Project Update

All work on this intersection is complete.

Route/Detour Information


Project Milestones

Phase 1: Ramp Upgrades

STATUS:         Project  Milestone Status CompletedCompleted       Project Milestone Status Not Completed Not Completed
Remove existing fillets, curb, and sidewalk

Install new fillets, curb, and ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps. 

Backfill disturbed areas with topsoil and plant grass.

Project Overview:

This project includes removing and upgrading the existing sidewalk ramps to meet ADA compliance.

Completion Date:

End of October 2022.

Contract Amount


Contractor Name

Bowes Construction

Contractor Contact Information

Cole Schneider, Project Manager


City Contact Information

Charlie Richter, City Engineer