Citizen Complaint Procedure

We here at the Brookings Police Department are committed to providing the citizens of Brookings professional, ethical and equitable service.  We strive to hold ourselves accountable to these standards and take any citizen complaints very seriously. 

If a citizen has a police encounter where they feel the officer was not professional, ethical or equitable in there service, we provide an avenue for a complaint to be easily filed.

Our process involves the officer's immediate supervisor or their division commander taking the complaint from the citizen.  The citizen will fill out and sign a complaint document stating that the information that they provided is true to the best of their knowledge.  The complaint is then investigated by the appropriate division commander.  During the course of the investigation, the division commander will speak with any witnesses, the officers involved, the citizen filing the complaint and will review all video and audio recordings of the the incident.  The division commander will then determine the next course of action based on their findings.

The division commander will provide a citizen complaint report to the Assistant Chief for review and then to the Chief of Police for final review.  The division commander will also follow up with the citizen who filed the complaint.

If you have a complaint that you wish to file, please contact us at (605) 692-2113 and ask to speak with Lt Terry Coon if the complaint involves an officer, or Communications Commander Longville if the complaint involves a 911 dispatcher.