Volunteer Opportunities

Brookings Police Reserves

Police Reserve Officers are community members who dedicate volunteer time to assist the police department. Duties include but are not limited to assisting the Brookings Police Department in protecting the life and property of the Brookings community.

Reasons to Serve

  1. Do you consider yourself an ordinary citizen but an “extreme volunteer?  If so and want to give back to the community, become a Reserve Officer.

  2. Gain experience/officer in training

  3. Are you contemplating a career in Law Enforcement? Find out if a career in law
    enforcement may be right for you and become a Reserve Officer first.

  4. Support local law enforcement with the protection of life and property in the Brookings community.

Commitment and Training

The Reserve Department meets once per month and are privy to most, if not all, trainings that the Brookings Police Officers have. 

A Reserve Officer must complete a minimum of 96 hrs of duty per calendar year.  These duty hours include, but not limited to:

1.     Special events such as concerts, games, homecoming events, parades

2.     Ride along’s with officers

3.     Security when needed

Start today. Apply to become a Brookings Police Reserve.

Please complete the following forms:

Police Reserve Application (PDF DOWNLOAD)

City of Brookings Volunteer Application (PDF DOWNLOAD)

When completed return the applications via email or bring them to: 

307 3rd Ave. Brookings, SD 57006