Brookings Historic Preservation Plan


Brookings is a special place with a unique identity that is enriched by its historic and cultural resources. The Preservation Plan defines the community’s vision for the preservation of those resources and sets forth related goals, policies and actions. This set of tools creates a framework for action for the City, the Brookings Historic Preservation Commission and other groups with interests in protecting and enjoying the city’s historic resources.

The plan approaches historic preservation as an integral component of community development and livability. It touches on many subjects that appear in City planning documents, including the comprehensive plan, while presenting additional program-specific actions related to the components of a complete preservation program. It builds on work completed by preservation professionals and community volunteers in workshops, online surveys, stakeholder focus group meetings and study sessions with the Brookings Historic Preservation Commission.

Plan Overview

The Preservation Plan, an update to the original plan written in 1999, sets forth the vision, goals, policies and actions directed at enhancing the quality of life, economic vitality and sense of place in the city. It includes information about the current program, identifies the benefits of historic preservation and discusses the types of resources that exist in Brookings. This information serves as a foundation for establishing priorities for action that are identified in the implementation strategy.

This plan is organized into a range of topics that describe the essential components of a dynamic preservation program, including how historic resources are identified and how best practices in good stewardship can be promoted. In each of these topic categories, existing conditions are described, best practices are noted and current issues related to the program are described.

Brookings Historic Preservation Plan [PDF]

Brookings Historic Preservation Plan - Existing Conditions Report [PDF]

Brookings Historic Preservation Plan - Implementation Matrix [Digital Download]