Goals 2019

Human Rights Commission (HRC) Goals for 2019

1| Engage in education, outreach, and collaborations fostering respect for social equity, civil, and human rights in Brookings.

1.1| Objective: Butler Human Rights Award

1.2| Objective: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Awards

1.3| Objective: Diversity Potlucks

1.4| Objective: Diversity & Inclusion Training

1.5| Objective: Safe Zone Training

2| Maintain strategic HRC liaisons and engage in cooperative endeavors with the city, school district, university, community, and advisory groups that support human rights and social equity.

2.1| Objective: Campus-Community Common Read

2.2| Objective: Brookings School District Liaison and Support

2.3| Objective: Support of Campus and Community Events

2.4| Objective: Outreach to International Population

2.5| Objective: Social Media Presence and Promotion

3| Encourage an environment of fairness and respect among citizens by promoting laws and policies that elevate equality and protect human rights.

3.1| Objective: Explore Equity Lens/Plan for the City

3.2| Objective: Legislative Monitoring

3.3| Objective: Brookings Municipal Equality Index Score

3.4| Objective: Renters Rights Training and Education

4| Review the City's discrimination complaint process and increase public awareness of the process.

4.1| Objective: Review Complaint Process Materials

4.2| Objective: Educate Public on Complaint Process

4.3| Objective: Secure and Train Mediators

4.4| Objective: Formalize City Intake Process for Complaints

4.5| Objective: Train HRC Members on Process