Affordable Housing Task Force


  • This board is currently inactive.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas & Minutes


The role of the Brookings Affordable Housing Task Force (BAHTF) is to advise the City Council, City Manager, and City Boards on housing-related issues; help advance the creation and availability of affordable housing for middle and low income residents of Brookings; and deliver proposals to the City Council on potential incentives for the creation of affordably priced single family dwellings and affordable rental units for middle income residents of Brookings.


  1. Adopt an agreed-upon definition of "affordable" to be used as a mainstay for the Task Force's work around owner-occupied and rental housing.
  2. Evaluate the affordable housing needs at all levels by developing an understanding of the community's housing situation with a global focus on workforce housing, first time home buyers, low and moderate income individuals & families, veterans, disabled, and elderly for owner-occupied and rental housing.
  3. Investigate the various tools, policies, procedures, means, and methods that could be employed by the City of Brookings to alleviate the challenges of affordable housing including but not limited to modified zoning policies, higher density incentives, public/private partnerships and the utilization of affordable housing trust funds.
  4. Develop a comprehensive plan to address the housing affordability challenges of the community.
  5. Make a recommendation to the City Council based on (4) for governing body action by submitting a final report which may include draft resolutions or ordinances for subsequent action.