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 The City of Brookings is committed to a high quality of life. Brookings strives to attain safe transportation routes, reasonable travel times, safe bike and pedestrian travel, and aesthetically pleasing transportation corridors.

 The purpose of the Transportation Steering Committee is to investigate and propose to the Brookings City Council a financially sustainable transportation strategy that will improve Brookings quality of life.

Specific Objectives:

Investigate and propose a strategy to ensure:  

  • South Dakota Highway 14 By-pass improvements meets the needs of Brookings
  • 20th Street I-29 overpass and future access ramps project will be accomplished.
  • South Dakota Highway 14/6th Street Improvement Project (22nd Avenue east to 34th Avenue) meets the needs of Brookings.
  • South Dakota Highway 14/6th Street Improvement Project (Medary Avenue west to Main Avenue) meets the needs of Brookings.

  The South Dakota State Department of Transportation (SDDOT) has asked the City if there would be interest in the City taking ownership of 6th Street from the State. This concept should be investigated but it is critical that the future financial liability of this action would be fully investigated and considered in the strategy.

  A refresh of a campus/city public transportation study is planned. This committee would not be responsible for public transportation issues.

  The proposed strategy will be presented to the City Council to act upon. The Council may accept all, a portion of, or none of the proposal. The strategy could be a range of options for the Council to consider.

  The strategy should be developed considering:  

  • City Staff expertise in Brookings Transportation Planning
  • Community Vision, Forecasted Growth, Land Use, Gateway Plans
  • Continued economic growth
  • Continued good relationship with SDDOT is critical
  • Quality of life issues
  • Financial sustainability
  • The Brookings City Council has expressed concerns to the SDDOT regarding the Highway 14/6th Street (Main to Medary) project and the removal of trees.