Larson Ice Center Rules

  1. Larson Ice Center (LIC) is a city-owned facility. LIC city employees have final authority.
  2. Children under eight years old must be supervised by a responsible person sixteen years or older.
  3. Horseplay of any kind will not be tolerated.
  4. No vulgar language, taunting, throwing objects on the ice or in the bleachers.
  5. No slapping or hanging on the rink glass.
  6. No pets allowed in the facility.
  7. No spitting in the facility.
  8. Carrying people on-ice is not allowed.
  9. No street shoes allowed on-ice.
  10. Eating or drinking (except water) is not permitted on-ice.
  11. No alcohol is allowed in the facility, except during city-approved events.
  12. Coaches must adhere to the facility schedule. The ice must be clear of people and equipment at the scheduled end-time. Any run-over is the responsibility of the coach(es).
  13. No one is allowed on the boards or on-ice while the resurfacer is operating, except those assisting with the nets, and they must leave the ice immediately after the nets are tilted.
  14. After resurfacing, patrons/participants are allowed back on the ice after the rink resurfacer doors have been closed and secured.
  15. Stick/puck play is only allowed on-ice.
  16. Helmets are required on-ice when sticks/pucks are present or during any USA Hockey sanctioned activity.
  17. Dry-land activities may not include sticks, pucks or balls of any type, except in city-designated shooting areas with a responsible adult present. Helmets are required during any shooting activity.
  18. The City of Brookings is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

The Larson Ice Center is a zero-tolerance facility.

Thank you for your cooperation to insure everyone's enjoyment.

City of Brookings Parks System