Forestry Missions, Programs & Services

PurposeCrabtree in a park

The purpose of the Forestry Section of Parks, Recreation and Forestry is to preserve and perpetuate one of the community's most valuable natural resource and asset - its municipal forest of trees on public property, including boulevards, parks and other city properties.

The City of Brookings is responsible for the planting, care and maintenance and removal / replacement of trees on public property, including city boulevards, parks and schools. This is a cooperative effort with homeowners adjacent to boulevard trees, who are encouraged to assist in this care through watering, fertilizing and minor pruning of the smaller trees.


* Emerald Ash Borer website

Dutch Elm Disease (DEDCity Forestry maintains a strict sanitation program as the primary effort in a control program to keep annual losses to a minimum. New trees are re-planted after DED removals.

Boulevard Tree Planting

City Forestry plants trees on boulevards in new residential areas, after curbs and sidewalks are completed. A planting plan is developed to insure appropriate species of trees, as well as spacing, setback at intersections, etc.

Please call Parks and Recreation at (605) 692-2708 for additional information.