Responsibilities & Requirements

Board Duties
The purpose of the Board of Health is to provide a general supervision of the health of the city with full powers to take all steps and measures necessary to:

  • Promote the cleanliness and healthfulness

In addition, the board is to provide public education for the need of all phases of an integrated solid waste management system:

  • Develop a financial policy that would be used for raising funds required to build and operate an integrated solid waste program
  • Develop and promote pilot programs for recycling and collection of household hazardous waste and reducing solid waste
  • Establish a comprehensive realistic solid waste plan for the city

Member Requirements
The board consists of nine members who each serve three years. Residency within the city is required for at least seven members. Up to two members may live outside the city limits, but must live within Brookings County. Members are appointed to the board in January. For more information on requirements and responsibilities, view the city code.