Dakota Nature Park


2013 began the transformation of the old landfill on 22nd Avenue to the vision that was created three years prior for a nature park. Gravel mining had altered the landscape and created the chain of ponds and wetlands that now exist. The many trails have benches scattered along them providing a perfect place to sit and enjoy the tranquil beauty of nature.

The area is open year-round to use for activities such as fishing, canoeing/kayaking, bird-watching, hiking, biking and picnics, as well as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing . ***(For Current cross country ski trail conditions please visit the Dakota Nature Park Facebook Page.


Dakota Nature Park is a special place that is set apart from the City and its other fine parks. Nature prevails and all humans are guests at the Larson Nature Park.

As good guests, humans should tread lightly on the land, undertaking only activities that have a minimal impact on the park’s land, waters and wildlife. Minimal impact will allow others to experience a sense of solitude and the uniqueness of this special place. 

Park Regulations

  1. No motor vehicle access beyond the parking lots without BPRD authorization.
  2. All South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks fishing regulations are in effect.
  3. Practice catch & release fishing whenever possible.
  4. No transplanting fish into the ponds.
  5. Only electric trolling motors may be used on the ponds.
  6. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Owners please clean-up after your pets.
  7. No large animals allowed in the park, including horses and llamas.
  8. Harassment of wildlife is prohibited.
  9. No fires or fireworks allowed.
  10. Pack it in, pack it out, there are no garbage cans inside the park.
  11. Due to varying water depths and clarity, swimming is discouraged.