Patrol Division

Patrol Division 

The Patrol Division of the Brookings Police Department is the backbone of the agency and is comprised of 27 officers that make up 4 patrol teams.  Each team is led by a Patrol Sergeant and are overseen by the Patrol Lieutenant.  

The Patrol Division is dedicated to providing accountable and professional police services which includes responsibility for proactive and reactive efforts dedicated to the protection of life and property, crime prevention, enforcement of the laws and ordinances, arrest and prosecution of offenders, community policing efforts and facilitating the safe and orderly movement of traffic throughout the City.


The Patrol Division provides:

  • Control of major events
  • Crash investigations
  • Discovery of hazards
  • Investigation of crimes and other incidents
  • Maintenance of order
  • Proactive patrol
  • K9 Drug Enforcement 

Additional Duties

Our patrol officers are highly trained, educated and dedicated men and women who are passionate about serving their community.  In addition to their daily duties on patrol, our patrol officers serve on our area Special Response Team, our Criminal Interdiction Unit, our Community Oriented Policing Unit, Police K9 Handler and serve as Field Training Officers. 

K9 Officer and DogOfficers at SDSU Football gameOfficers with Cub Scouts

Patrol Division Vehicles

Photo of Brookings Police Patrol Vehicle

The Patrol Division utilizes a variety of vehicles to support the mission of providing effective and efficient police services to the community.  Officers patrol in sedans, medium and full size SUV’s and pick-ups. With the extreme weather conditions we live in and the heavy amounts of snow that are possible, we want to ensure we have the most capable vehicles that provide us with the ability to respond to emergency calls even during the most extreme weather events.

Contact Information

  • Administration: (605) 692-2113
  • Emergencies: 911