Communications Division - E911

Brookings Emergency 911 Center57454706_133206581098071_7323482740871715366_n

Our mission as 911 dispatchers is to serve as a communications link between the citizens of Brookings county and its responding agencies. We are to never forget that every employee of the Brookings 911 Dispatch Center is not just a dispatcher and call-taker, but is the beginning link of the survival chain for all emergency situations.

Assisting Other Agencies

The Brookings Emergency 911 Center continues to serve the Brookings Police Department and other area agencies as well. Those agencies include:

  • Brookings Ambulance Service
  • Brookings County Emergency Management
  • Brookings County Sheriff's Office
  • Brookings Fire Department
  • Four county ambulance services
  • Nine county fire departments
  • South Dakota Highway Patrol (Brookings Squad)

Learn More About the Division and a Communication Operators' Role

Contact Information                                 IMG_0150

  • Administrative calls: (605) 692-2113
  • Emergencies: Dial 911 or text 911
    (For more information on the Text to 9-1-1 program in South Dakota, visit