Snow/Ice Alert & Removal Info

Snow Removal Alerts and Information
Whenever Brookings receives any accumulation of snow or snow is in the forecast, refrain from parking on city streets and alleys; check these sites to find out if a parking ban has been declared. If you would like to receive an email every time a snow ban is declared, please sign up at Notify Me - Alert Center, Emergency Alerts.

Pursuant to the Brookings, South Dakota - Code of Ordinances, Section 82-465: Parking prohibited during snow removal

It is unlawful for the driver or owner of any motor vehicle, trailer or implement to park or leave standing or permit to be parked or left standing any motor vehicle, trailer or implement on any street, avenue or alley in the city, except the streets mentioned in section 82-464, after it shall be publicly announced by the city manager or designee that such streets, avenues or alleys will be undergoing snow removal. Parking may not be resumed until such streets have been cleaned of such snow from curb to curb. Public announcement shall include, at a minimum, announcement on at least one form of mass media, social media or website of such parking ban at least four hours prior to such parking ban.

Winter Weather Advice

  • Be patient. City crews are working to make the streets safe for everyone.Snow plow
  • Check the sites listed above for an update about Brookings snow removal operations.
  • Do not drive through "whiteouts" caused by plowing or high crosswinds. It is easy to become disoriented and lose control of your vehicle.
  • Do not shovel or blow snow from sidewalks, crosswalks, driveways or parking lots onto public streets. It is a violation of City ordinance.
  • Do not travel beside snowplows or other snow removal equipment. They can be driven sideways very easily by the force of the snow on the plow blade.
  • Expect snowplows to make unanticipated maneuvers such as backing up and making wide turns. The amber warning lights on snow removal equipment are there to alert motorists and remind them to yield the right of way.
  • Remove snow and ice from sidewalks and crosswalks adjoining your property within 48 hours of snowfall. If you fail to clear them, you are subject to a bill from the City to complete the work.
  • Stay at least 70 feet (four car lengths) back when you are following behind snowplows and other snow removal equipment so the maintenance vehicle driver can see you. Remember that snowplow drivers have limited vision from inside their vehicles.
  • Watch local television stations and listen to local radio stations for the most current snow removal information.

Winter Weather Information

Please tune in to the following local news stations for the most up-to-date winter weather information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q | Where can I find information related to snow alerts?

A | You can sign up to receive snow alerts via email, check the City's website and social media pages, or call the snow hotline at (605) 696-7669.

Q | When will a snow alert be issued?

A | Snow alerts will typically be issued at the accumulation of four inches of snow or more, however, each storm is different. Sometimes a parking ban may be issued with less than four inches of accumulation. It is a good practice to move your vehicle any time there is an accumulation of snow to allow roads to be plowed.

Q | How long do I have to scoop my sidewalk after a snow event?

A | You have 48 hours to scoop your sidewalks and crosswalk curb-ramps after snow stops falling.

We also recommend that you clear snow from the area around fire hydrants to help the fire department protect people and property in the case of an emergency. When every second matters, they will appreciate your help.

Q | What will happen if I don't scoop my sidewalk?

A | You are responsible for the sidewalk in front of your home. If you do not clear your sidewalk within 48 hours of a snow event, a warning will be issued to you in the mail. If snow is not removed after a warning has been issued, the City of Brookings will arrange for the snow to be cleared and send you a bill for the snow removal.

Q | Where do I report an issue when sidewalks are not being cleared?

A | If sidewalks are not being cleared or you have observed a violation, please report concerns via Engage Brookings or call the code enforcement department at (605)692-6629 Monday - Friday 8-5.

Q | I need assistance with snow removal. Where can I find services to help?

A | Call the United Way 211 Community Helpline by dialing "211" on your phone, or emailing

A2 | The Brookings Police Department is offering Sand for Seniors, which is a program in the City of Brookings that provides a bucket of sand to senior residents who are physically unable to get one on their own. If you are interested in the program, please call (605)692-2113.

Q | Can I park on the street while parking lots are being plowed?

A | If a snow alert of parking ban has been issued, on-street parking is not allowed. Parking on the street may result in a parking ticket or the risk of having your vehicle towed. To receive up-to-date parking ban information, we encourage you to sign up for alerts or call the alert line at (605) 696-7669.