Spring Cleanup

The City of Brookings annually holds Spring Cleanup for residents. The program allows residents to dispose of their branches, bulky items and trash (not household garbage) by placing them on their boulevards for pickup during a designated time period. The Public Works Department crews work together to pick up the material set on the boulevards. 

Important Information

  • This program is only for people residing within the Brookings city limits. 
  • This program is not available to commercial businesses.  
  • All items must be placed on boulevards even if snow is still present. 
  • There is no alley pickup. 
  • Households must follow the Spring Cleanup guidelines, or their materials will not be picked up.
  • Please do not park in front of piles during the canvassing dates.

2023 Spring Cleanup Flyer (pdf)

2023 Spring Cleanup Key Dates

  • Monday, April 10: First day residents may start placing items on the boulevard. 
  • Sunday, April 16:  Last day to place all items, including tree branches, on boulevards to ensure pickup. 
  • Monday, April 17: City crews will begin the boulevard pickup. Crews will canvass the city one time only. 
  • April 10 - April 29: The Brookings Regional Landfill will be open for FREE DUMPING FOR CITY RESIDENTS ONLY from 7:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. Saturdays. Exception: Tires and items containing Freon will be assessed a fee. The Landfill address is 4101 30th St.
    • NOTE: City residents are encouraged to take advantage of the FREE DUMPING by hauling as much of their smaller items to the Landfill as possible. This will allow crews to focus on faster removal of large items. All loads must be covered, or a $10.00 fine will be assessed.

Recycling & Separation of Items

The City's landfill regulations and recycling policies require items placed on boulevards to be sorted into piles of like materials. Your cooperation is critical to continue this project. For proper disposal, separate the following into three (3) distinct piles: 

  • Branches
  • Metals
  • Bulky/cleanup items

Items that Must Be Hauled to the Landfill

The following items will not be picked up from the boulevard:  

  • Household refuse. (Place in green garbage cart.)
  • Cardboard. (Place in blue recycling cart.)
  • Grass and leaves. (Place in brown yard waste cart, or haul to the Landfill.)
  • Whole trees.
  • Animal waste. 
  • Piles of mixed materials. (not sorted by type). 
  • Remodeling material and concrete.
  • Tires. (A fee will be assessed based on size of tires.)
  • Refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and any other items containing Freon. (A fee will be assessed.)

Items NOT Accepted

  • Paint, batteries, waste oil, chemicals, and hazardous waste will not be accepted.  

Tree Branches

Tree trunks and branches must not be more than 12 inches in diameter and 6 feet long. They must be placed on the boulevard parallel to the street. Crews will not enter residential property to pick them up. Starting April 1, residents may drop off branches for free at the Landfill's Citizen Campus 24/7.

Spring Cleanup Pickup Schedule

Section Locations

  • Section 1: Railroad tracks to 6th Street and from Main Avenue to 16th Avenue
  • Section 2: Front Street to 6th Street and from Main Avenue to Western Avenue
  • Section 3: 6th Street to 11th Street and from Medary Avenue to Western Avenue
  • Section 4: 6th Street to 8th Street east of Medary Avenue
  • Section 5: Railroad Tracks to 6th Street from 16th Avenue to 22nd Avenue
  • Section 6: South of Railroad Tracks from Medary Avenue South to 22nd Avenue South
  • Section 7: Railroad Tracks south to City limits from Medary Avenue South to City limits

Real-time Tracker

Follow the Spring Cleanup Real-Time Tracker to see block-by-block real-time updates showing which sections have been completed.


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