Storm Drainage

The City Engineer's Office is responsible for the design of storm sewers. If you experience maintenance problems, please contact call (605) 692-6629.

Stormwater Phase II Resources

For general questions on Phase II, please contact City Engineer via email Charlie Richter or call (605) 692-6629 or South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources at 1 (800) 737-8676.

Illicit Discharge Information

Read about illicit discharge detection and elimination from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Please call City Engineer Charlie Richter at (605) 692-6629, the Street Department at (605) 692-2016, or report a drainage violation through Engage Brookings  if you see illegal dumping into storm sewers or inlets.

Stormwater Drainage Resources

  • Do not throw anything into storm sewers
  • Keep storm sewers clean from litter and clear away leaves and debris
  • Remedy any motor vehicle leaks
  • Recycle motor oil
  • Reduce the usage of pesticides and herbicides
  • Do not dispose any chemicals or wash any spills into a drain