Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA Coordinator

The purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is to provide individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in all programs, services and activities. The City's goal is to provide equal access for all by facilitating accommodations in a timely and sensitive manner. The City strives to be a leader by for other businesses and governmental entities to follow.


To ensure compliance with the ADA, the City of Brookings has assigned the duty of the ADA Coordinator to the Director of Human Resources. Responsibilities of this civil rights mandate include:

  • Advising city officials of their obligations under the law
  • Conducting a self-evaluation plan on city programs, events and structures that identifies policies and practices not in compliance with Title II
  • Continued review and modification of city policies and practices to ensure compliance
  • Developing and overseeing an ADA Task Force of volunteers to assist the Coordinator in the review of city new construction and remodeling projects
  • Development and maintenance of a transition plan that outlines a plan to implement changes
  • Facilitating program accommodations for city services and programs with members of the public
  • Receiving and investigating grievances on programs
  • The creation of a grievance procedure to hear complaints
  • ADA Review and Approval Process (PDF)
  • ADA Project Narrative Application (PDF)

To inquire about a program accommodation or an accessibility issue, please contact (605) 692-6281.